Sunday, February 7, 2016

Daydream BBBC #7

When I daydream, I dream about my favorite place Tofino. This is my place, this is where I go to recharge and fill up my soul. I have many daysreams, some are spent on the back of my bike others just are of baking pies or a going out or flying my kite. There are so many things I dream about, some I may attain, others will just remain a daydream.

Late to the party is better than never! Brave Bold Blogger Challenge - 6 AGE (BBBC)

Kathy at issued a challenge called Brave Bold Blogger Challenge - a post for every day in February.  I have to admit I am coming to this party 6 days late, I sometimes am fashionably late to some things. Life is busy right now, better late than never?? 

Someone once said "With age comes wisdom."  Or does it? I think it is more a reflection of hindsight or the fact that we recognize the deep possibilities of consequences that could befall us as a result of actions. We've all been there making decisions big or little and lets face it some have not been great, but others, man oh man they bring us the joie de vivre of life with all its many rewards and challenges. Age definitely influences decisions, a main driver with this is that we usually have someone else in our lives that may live the consequences of our choice. 

I find myself at a very large crossroad in my life, its the intersection of emptynest and what's next. Scooterpie Jr has emerged from her coccoon and is a beautiful butterfly making her way in the wider world, which makes me proud as a mom, but also strangely longing for yesterday and all the 'little moments' along the way. Nostalgia seems to be my constant companion at this point as I keep going back and thinking about the many things over the course of her 18 1/2 years. During her childhood she was my little girl inching each day towards adulthood and the day that 'freedom' would be her ultimate goal and her foray into the ratrace of life.  Its funny because the perceived freedom she is longing for is elusive, for she will never be as free as she was when she was a kid, she just hasn't realized this yet.  We are at the point where decisions for the future are being thought about by both her and me! It is exciting seeing the contrast in our respective lives. 

I am being a little more adventuresome, but not foolhardy, I call it reserved spontaneity, because in the process I now weigh out cause and effect a little more. With the stage I am in now my daughter isn't as dependent on me anymore and is far more independent than I was at her age. This allows me to have more time to me and pursuing things I never dreamt possible.  My middle life has brought great change, challenges, and adventures. I almost feel like a teenager again testing limits. 

I've  come to realze life is a set of stages where we grow, change, or are static at times and then start the process over again. So my question to you is, is age just a number or is it a state of physical wellness or a combination of both? 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

2016 Vancouver Motorcycle show

It was an early call this morning awake at 03:00am and out the door at 05:15am to catch the ferry to the Mainland for the Vancouver Motorcycle show.  I headed over with the Farkle Garage gang, we shot stories for an upcoming episode. Everyone was stoked to go and see what was new in the world of motorcycling and FARKLES!  We were running on coffee, excitement, and adrenalin!

We caught up with the early morning Victoria rider contingent.  
Probably about a dozen riders and there were lots of others who carpooled, all headed to Abbottsford to the Tradex.

The show was well organized and lots of bike dealers with a good cross section of the entire riding community; trials, motocross, street bikes, cruisers, tourers, adv bikes and more, even a few electric bikes and a  wheeled moto car. It was heavenly, there was definitely something for everyone!  Added bonus I bumped to an Oregon contingent of bloggers - Trobairitz, Troubadour, Sweetpea and Polarbear. Dang I didn't get a pic! It was good to see them just the same! 

Here's a look at some of the bikes and dealer displays.

Was loving this beautiful Honda Goldwing! 
Another Honda beauty!

I was besotted by this little beauty.  Gorgeous little CBR 300.

1000cc of sexy adventure riding power featuring Honda's Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT)

Gotta say if I could have gotten up on that faux rock I would have sat on that baby up there!

According to my fitbit I took about 12,000 steps about 8km, yesterday wandering around looking at all the beautiful bikes and farkle candy store.  Stay tuned for more! This is just a little taste of what I saw!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Cheesy motivator or fitness nanny?

I seem to be one of those people who need motovation to keep my fitness goals on track. So my goal is to try my best to get walking every day. My job is really sedentary so I don't get a lot of steps in during my work day. My hub on the other hand easily clocks between 10,000 to 17,000 steps in a day which is about 8 to 9km in mileage. In looking at the data on this OCD inducing fitness gizmo (one can become quite obsessed in reaching a goal) I am averaging about 6,000 to 7,000 steps daily which isn't too shabby.  Since the scooter wreck 4 years ago my running days are long since finished, which is a bummer because I liked going for a run after work. I have always liked walking and walk at a very fast pace, so it is almost like a small jog. My goal this year is to walk my way into better health, but not stress too much over this OCD inducing fitness monitor. I guess you have to do whatever it takes and if wearing this gizmo helps me be more aware of my health then I guess its a good thing. 
Last night I was at about the 4500 step mark at  7:00pm and when my hub came home we took the dog for a  long walk and I was only about 200 steps away from my 10,000 so it encouraged me to walk a little longer and at least log them in.  I must say I actually slept better and felt better this morning, a little more energized.  So I guess I have bought into the gadget/gizmo craze.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year! 2016 full of possibilities!

My instragram photo 9 in 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR! May your 2016 be filled with happiness, joy and good health! 

Last night my hub and I visited friends and came home just before midnight to ring in the New Year.  It was different New  Years Eve for us this is the first one Scooterpie Jr was out with friends, and so it begins my wee chick is spreading her wings!

As for resolutions I don't really have any or make them, I have goals instead. 

So wherever you call home I wish you and your loved ones a Happy New Year! 

This is what choose for 2016! 

Monday, December 21, 2015

I'm still here!

It seems I have been taking an unintentional break from blogging.  I have been so busy this last two months and my life has been a whirlwind of too many things to do!  All is good in scooterpie land, we've just been hunkering down because the weather has been very wet this fall/winter, which makes it not inspiring to go trouping through the rain looking for photos and blog posts.  The bikes are snugged in the moto lair waiting for warmer weather. 

I hope you are all well and wishing you the best for the upcoming festive season and a Happy & Healthy New Year!


Monday, November 9, 2015

Japanese Vintage motorcycle show

The blog has been a little slow lately, been busy, but also suffering from a lack of motivation - hello winter nice to see your dreary gray soggy rain ladened days. I did however make it to a local vintage Japanese motorcycle show at the end of September I met some very interestng peeps and one fellow in particular with a very old yellow goldwing. He was so animated and told me how his wife thinks the bike is his mistress.  It was quite funny listening to him talk and tell stories of his bike adventures. 

 Quite often when people think of vintage they think Harley, Norton, BSA, Indian and the list goes on. These bikes a beautiful in their own right, but there are a whole subset of bike lovers who prefer Japanese vintage.  I do! My first ever vintage bike was a 1984 Honda CM450 custom, that was my girl Lucy. Then came my beautiful Scarlett my 1985 Honda VT500e and then the wee little 1984 Honda CM250 which is currently in my name, but waiting for someone special to ride her, yup Scooterpie junior. There is a certain appeal to Japanese bikes, the style, the innovation that was sparked in the 60s and 70s.  Honda becoming known as Big Red was busy creating bikes for every level of rider and marketing them with lovely ads with slogans "You meet the nicest people on a honda" they were going after the suburban house wife, families and young people who had a new found spending power.   
The fellow standing closest to the yellow Goldwing was regaling us with tales of his youth and his love of this bullet proof bike and he has traveled many a mile on this baby! Then the young'in pulled up on his red wing and they got into some serious bike chatter.  

This beauty caught my eye, a father and son worked together to restore this beautiful bike.

All of the bikes in the show were lovingly cared for, some still in original state showing their vintage patina.

Still needing a bit of work.