Friday, December 19, 2014

'Twas the night before Christmas

The stockings & moto boots where hung by the chimney with care in, hopes that Moto Claus soon would be there.

Wishing you all good tidings of the season and may your New Year bring you gifts of love, joy, health, and lots of twisties to ride on sunny days!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Parked motorcycle syndrome?!

Not quite yet, but soon.  I couldn't resist posing by this little beastie in Costco today.  

Monday, October 27, 2014

Blog slow down

Most of you know I am a motorcycle intructor in training.  For all of September I've been observing courses and riding as a observer, it's been a very busy 6 weeks. I've been given my class schedule and there are 11 sessions in a combination of theory and parkinglot. So I may not be blogging as much, as I am up to my eyeballs in manuals and assignments. Rest assured I am reading your blogs when I get a moment and will try to blog every once in awhile. I should be seeing daylight in late January. Hang in with me.
This was out on a traffic observation ride.

Day out in the range.  

Stay tuned.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Evening Autumn tootle

We have had the most amazing summer and it has stretched through to October.  Today we reached a spectacular 20C, normally we are in the low teens.  
Tonight I was on my way to a meeting, and the views were stunning at the meeting venue. So I took a few minutes to catch the sunset and capture the totems in the twilight.
There are spectacularly carved totem poles by Songhees First Nations carvers. This is their rendition of a loon. 
I love Vancouver Island we have a rich diverse history and cultural melting pot. 

The sunset was breathtaking.
This is one of the exquisitely carved chief's poles.  The Songhees culture is beautiful and their carving is beautiful.  I was told that each totem is blessed and captures the spirit of the people, a prayer is said at the beginning of the carving and at the conclusion.  Also First Nations peoples think of the cedar trees the poles are carved from are alive and filled with spirit.  

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Adventures of ScooterBob

ScooterBob ready for a road trip. (Photo credit David Masse The Scoot Commute blog)

The moto blogging community lost a very special person last month, BobSkoot.  It was quite a loss to the little tight-knit community of motobloggers.  We've followed each others blogs through our escapdes, adventures, trials, tribulations, glorious moments and everyday living. 

Last year Bob rode coast to coast on his Beemer (Nu2Me), and was planning further bike adventures in the future. This year he and Mrs. Skoot were on a 4 wheel adventure travelling in his corvette and doing the things Bob did best, taking pictures and enjoying life. We in blog land were wondering where the Skoot family was and how they were making out on their adventure. Through a few posts on Scoot Commute our blog friend David found out the sad news, Bob passed away in his sleep. David relayed this sad news to the rest of  us, and we felt lost and bereft.

As a group of motobloggers we want to honour our friend and have been thinking of ways to do this and David of Scoot Commute struck on this lovely idea.  Bob had given David a little wooden vespa scooter and now it is going to travel the world and motobloggers are going to take pictures of it and see how far a field the little scooter can go, so far it is on a whirlwind tour with destinations in the US, Canada and Europe (take that hitchbot).  I know BobSkoot would've loved the adventure of all of this!

To find out more about click this link and if you would like to participate follow the directions ---->   The Adventures of ScooterBob  Let see what type of an epic journey we can send ScooterBob on!

As you read this the little intrepid ScooterBob is in Key West Florida soaking up some sun!  Check it out!
Key West Diary - Conch scooter

Future Destinations 

The Black Forest, Germany 
London, England
Tampa, Florida, USA
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada - That's me!
Corvallis, Oregon, USA 
Centennial, Colorado, USA

Stay tuned!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Might as well be comfy

It's a gorgeous warm fall day on the island.  We are out running errands and I decided to kick back & chill out in the shade while hubs is in Home Depot.  Hardware stores aren't my cup of tea.  I can't believe how comfy Scarlet is for Moto lounging :)