Friday, August 22, 2014

ToadMama's Snail Mail challenge

Kathy at issued a challenge!  We in blog land love challenges!  Here's how it works, you message me your address and I will send a postcard!  There is an email link on the top right corner of my bloggio.  Who doesn't love receiving postcards!  I do! 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Princess Pie Diva - a foodie paradise

Hand pitted fresh Okanagan Cherry Pie made with butter pastry
August is very special to me, it is my recharge time away from work and slow down and enjoy the fruit of the season.  It is also when the baking goddess makes her appearance and even trumps riding a motorcycle!  This year I decided to indulge in a bit of both I went on a 3 day adventure, that left me relaxed and happy. The day after my return saw pie baking time coming on, it's sneaky and insidious, before I know it I am stalking the markets looking for flats of freestone peaches.  In my world nothing is done in small measures!  Once I secured my succulent flat of peach beauties I had to wait a day or two for them to completely ripen and I placed them out in the warm sun and then it was time to let the magic begin.  

I could smell the intoxicating scent of the peaches and could've stood there all day just breathing in the heady peach scent.  

When I make pastry it is made with butter and not lard.  I just love butter and I believe Julia Child had the right idea of cooking with it.  I love the subtle taste of the butter and it doesn't leave a greasy aftertaste.  I've experimented with different pastry recipes and I always come back to mine. So far we have gone through 3 1/2 pounds of unsalted butter, and a bag of flour, some sugar, as I don't like a lot of it. The perfect number of peaches in a pie is 7 to 8. I've peeled my way through 48 peaches and baked them all!  Today I hand pitted a pound of Okanagan cherries and made a delectable cherry pie which my hub cut while still warm and not sure it will still be there in the morning.  I made two peach pies, one for baking, the other for freezing. I  also made a small mini peach pie as a gift for my neighbour because when bakefest happens I usually leave the front and back door open and the scent drifts over their yard and I thinks it's a bit tortuous for them to constantly smell the aroma and never get treats.

My pie beauties cooling

I was actually pretty bake manic today and made two loaves of banana bread as well.  Tomorrow depending on my pie mood, there maybe a mixed fruit pie, it all depends about what strikes my fancy.

August isn't just about baking either, I also like to pull out cookbooks, browse through internet recipe sites and make beautiful meals.  I cook with wine, butter, fresh ingredients and take hours rambling through the kitchen.  We have had grilled fresh sockeye salmon marinated in maple syrup & touch of balsamic vinegar, served with a light salad & fresh corn. Another night I sautéed chicken in white wine, butter, shallots, garlic and capers, towards the end I added spinach and served it all on fresh pasta. My only regret is that I don't have this amount of time during non vacation times.

There is more to me than being a motorcycle chick, I'm a foodie and sometimes domestic diva (well I'm a diva all the time!)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Summertime the time for classic motorcycle & car shows

1939 Indian, beautiful!
Today hub and I were feeling low key and not into a lot of moto tripping, but managed to find a vintage bike show with a few other surprises.  There were quite a few different brands and some of them were pristine restorations and a few looked like they had been rolled out of hiding in a barn.  

fell in love with this bike, it was beautiful and if I could own anything in the world, this would be it.  I am not sure I'd ride it though, because it's such a piece of bike art, I would probably set it up in my living-room and admire it, now that is moto love.  

There were a few really old cars and trucks scattered here and there.  
The thing that drew me to this truck was the chrome name plate and ram radiator cap. This old rusty Dodge Ram truck had a bike with a side car strapped to the flatbed.  

This Mobile Oil Pegasus was mounted above the license plate and if I could've I would have bought this and mounted it on Scarlet.  

It was hard to really pick a favorite bike, there were so many, and they all had their individual charm and told a story of their owners character.  
All blinged out!  This had more glitter and bedazzling than room full of girls in prom dresses. Kind of makes me want to break-out the Bedazzler and go to town on my saddle bags and sparkle up Scarlet. But I think I will leave that for awhile and I am sure the Bedazzler desire will pass.

For Richard.

This has a certain 'RUSTic' charm. I seem to love the old rusty ones, they speak to having had a long life of riding and adventure, and I bet if these bikes could speak the tales they would tell would be incredible.  

If your two wheel love breaks down, you always have a back-up.  

When I look at motorcycles I see art and beauty.  The next time you give your baby a polish, stand back and really look at it and you will see the magic.

I love how people individualize their bikes and make them their own. 

Everyone needs a little BikeZilla.

There is something daunting about suicide shifters, and I'm glad for my toe shifter, but I am sure one would adapt quickly enough. 
Moto hitchhiker.
Little bit of this, little bit of that....
The motorcycle community on Vancouver Island is very welcoming and even wee chariots have a place at vintage shows. 

This lovely Ford truck was parked out in the main lot and we pulled in beside it and I couldn't resist snapping pictures of this beauty,
I think the radiator cap is worth more than my bike.

Gotta love a good Guzzi.

This beautiful old Studebaker was parked out by us as well.

When I was standing beside Miss Scarlet, a few guys came over and were chatting me up about my bike and couldn't believe she was a 1985.  The common thing amongst bikers, is we all speak the same language - bike. Then a few fellows who were riding vintage Honda Magna's and Sabre's came over and chatted with my hub about their bikes and we had a few of them parked around us. Honda's seem to find one another in parking lots.  They were all having a lively animated discussion about tires, foibles of their bikes and little mods they've done. I was patiently waiting for the moto bonding to end, it was pretty hot and I was feeling a little parched and wanted to get a nibble & some H2O.   As I was waiting, there were 2 Harley's about 20 feet away from me and when the one dude started his bike there was a giant blast of air from the pipe that actually blew my hair around,wow that was something.  

We had a lovely day and ended it with a dinner moto picnic in Oak Bay.  It was a lovely day to be out on a bike.  Hope you are all moto tripping this weekend!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New Moto Tenant - eviction notice served....

@Moto_Diva: I leave my bike parked for 1 day and it's been condo-ized by a new tenant, by the way I am a spider phobe. At least the spider's colour matches the Honda decal on the tank, but trust me it's soon to be evicted from it's new digs.....

Spider was not harmed in the removal process, just relocated.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Martha T. of Wisonsinland blog

Martha - if you are still reading the blogs was just wondering how you're doing?  

Sunday, August 10, 2014

1043.9 kilometres later and a GINORMOUS fish

Sadly, all adventures come to an end, but on the bright side, there are always new adventures on the horizon, big ones and small ones!  Miss Scarlet all packed up and ready to roll down the highway towards home. She was coming home a little more blinged out than when she left, the Divine Ms. S spotted some saddlebags on a local internet site and snapped them up and gifted them to us. Miss Scarlet looks mighty fine with her new luggage bling, in fact almost grown up!  Thank you Ms. S, love you bunches!  

I left Courtenay happy beyond belief and the adventure bug quieted a little in my spirit (but not quite squashed yet). I think Ms. S and I will have to plan more moto adventures in the future and cause a little more Moto Mama ruckus and chaos here and there.  The weather was spectacular and I couldn't have timed it better.  It was a really good test to see what I needed to bring along on trips and how light I can pack, and that I can live without a curling iron and hairspray (ok I admit that's the diva in me).  In fact this is the lightest I have ever packed for a trip anywhere.

Being the intrepid blogger that I am, documenting my journey is a big part of riding for me.  Sometimes my hub finds it a little annoying, but as I said in a earlier post "without pics, it's just a story".  So with this in mind, it was all about riding at a leisurely pace and stopping when something struck my motoblogger fancy. Believe me, Vancouver Island is beautiful and I can take forever to get somewhere and run out of memory on my camera or phone due to the amount of pictures I take.
I know I posted this pic in a previous post, but I spotted this on our trip to Port Alberni the day before, but didn't stop and I was looking for it on the way home.
I decided to take the scenic Oceanside route highway 19A.  I didn't feel like riding down the Inland Hwy 19, it's just an asphalt slab the entire way with speed limit of 110-120kmh, with heavy traffic, and most cars ripping at least 20-40kmh above the speed limit it's really not that fun.  I am quite comfortable riding at 90kmh and seeing the scenery.
The roads were quiet and twisty, perfect for a meandering Moto Diva to get her picture fix and relaxing way to end a trip.
There is quite a bit of oyster farming here on the island and as you drive through Fanny Bay area you can smell the tang from the shucked oysters and see the stacks of shells.  
I love the camaraderie of the road, as I was pulled over and was fumbling for my phone and looking rather intense, a fella coming from the other direction on a bike slowed to ask if all was ok, I smiled and gave the thumbs up, and with a wave he was on his way.
Off I buzzed down the road to see what awaited after the next curve and I spotted this!  Kathy at Toad Mama blog would appreciate this. Check out her blog 

This was definitely worth the U-turn!  Moto fishing at it's finest! 

The people in the cafe that this was in front of were looking at me with curiosity as I whipped a u-turn, pulled up and positioned the bike just so I could get this pic.  From my perspective it was no weirder than eating in a cafe with a giant fish out front :)
Look closely at the fish, this definitely was not a case of catch and release!  Yup, I love roadside oddities!  
So remember this is highway 19A on Vancouver Island home of the ginormous fish.  This was between Bowser and Qualicum. I giggled like a school girl over this and was giddy with delight.
Time to get back onboard my land rocket and cruise to Parksville and find a coffee and snack.  I pulled into Starbucks and bought some goodies and was being surreptitiously gawked at by a few of the raisins (retirees) that lived in Parksville, not sure maybe they liked my pink coat or they weren't used to seeing a Moto Diva.
After I left Parksville I spotted a motorcycle shop and saw these babies!
Again, it was worth a stop and I'm glad I like to ride at a leisurely pace and take in the world! The rest of the journey was pretty monotonous because you end up on a regular traffic congested highway. I did meet-up with a nice couple on a Goldwing who shadowed me for most of the way home and they were leisurely moto tripping like I was.  His wife gave me a thumbs up as I passed them to get out of the traffic congestion. We did exchange pleasantries a few times at lights.  
I arrived home happy, safe, tired, and with 1043.9kms under my moto belt.  What an amazing three days! 

I have learned a few things, I don't think I will ever be an "Iron Butt" rider and I am happiest chilling and enjoying the places I ride through. I also think as I progress with more moto tripping, a spot tracker is going to be in the cards and possibly a newer bike with a tiny bit more cc's, maybe 750cc just for a little added zing on the highway, but not much more than that.  It will probably be more of an adventure touring bike that can handle gravel a bit better than a cruiser, but then again I am fickle when it comes to bikes.
I got the stuffing hugged out of me when I walked through the door by Scooterpie Jr and Miss Roo was stuck to me like glue for the night. Motorcycle Man wasn't home from work yet, but was happy I was home. This was the best part of the trip - coming home to being loved and missed.
Miss Scarlet resting after her hard work in the heat of riding 1043.9km! The next day she was treated to an oil change and new filter and is being fitted with saddlebag hardware and is awaiting her next adventure!  I can hardly wait! 

I have come to the conclusion that an 'epic' journey doesn't have to be long or lots of miles of road ridden, but more about how happy you are during the journey and how happy you are at the end of it.