Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bespeckled doesn't mean boring.

The quest for glasses begins again, and it's tortuous. I lost my much loved glasses last weekend.  I back tracked and couldn't locate them - boo.

Choice number 1 - these glasses are from a Vancouver designer from Spectacle Eyeworks.  They are from his 'Pussy Gslore' line which is based on the 60's James Bond Movies.  These sung to my retro funky vibe. 

I like my glasses to be funky and make a statement.  Why be boring? It means being a little brave, I have found not everyone is complimentary about eccentric, eclectic, funky frames.  

I have to wear specs now as it's a requirement on my license for driving. I have never tried contacts because of astigmatism and I am a little worried about putting things in my eye. But I actually may try them and keep an open mind.
Choice number 2 - more sedate but still funky.

Choice 3 - they are metal frames and maybe a little big.

I am leaning towards the Pussy Galore frames by Spectacle.  They make me smile every time I try them on, they are comfortable and best yet, they fit really well in my helmet! 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

I passed the motorcycle instructor course!

It's official! I've written my final exam & did my practical tarmac exercise on emergency braking this morning.  I passed my instructors course and now I need to do is submit the paperwork to complete the licensing process.  I'm stoked! 

My fellow instructor trainees this morning.    The weather was less than stellar, but rain builds character. It was a very balmy 11 degrees Celcius, but it did torrentially pour a few times through the course of the morning. In the end it didn't matter though,  I passed! 

A lot has happened since I took up scootering in 2011. Never in my wildest dreams did I anticipate being a motorcycle instructor.  None of this was on my radar, it took me completely by surprise.  Once Pandora's Moto box was opened there was no closing the lid.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Just a little bit if where I live - beautiful BC

Malahat Summet look-out view of Vancouver Island.

Today was an especially early start for me, I headed up Island to meet a friend and spend some time with her. Sunrise was about 8:22am today, and as I drove over the Trans Canada #1 Highway the sun was just peeking it's lazy head up over the horizon.  I decided to stop at the Malahat Summit lookout to capture a few pics, and I was very glad I did. I was rewarded with the most magnificent sunrise, warm and golden, promising of the spring to come.  The pics may be a little grainy because they were taken on my iPhone.  This is looking over to the Saanich Peninsula on Vancouver Island.  

It's been pretty grey and drizzly for the last week. I was extremely happy to see my friend the sun, but he sure likes to wake up late during the winter and go to bed early.  Given a choice, I think I would have liked to get up late too! But I'm a busy girl with places to go & things to do, so I was up with the chickens and beat the sun out of bed. 

The sun is still a little sleepy, but starting to stretch upwards into the sky.  Good morning Mr. Sun! Would love it if you got up a little earlier & stayed a little longer, I am craving spring of a long rainy winter.  We have the mildest climate in Canada, but winter tends to be never ending grey with fog and rain.  We are starting to see signs of spring here and there, a few misguided trees are starting to blossom, but the forecasters are calling for cold next week, so it may stall out an early spring.  February and March can be quite unpredictable here and we have gotten snow & freezing tempuratures. We aren't as warm as California or as sunny, our winter is more like their winter with mild temps, but with a case of ugly mood syndrome.

The little blip in the water in front of the island is the Mill Bay ferry that cuts out at least an hour of driving.

This pic is looking towards Vancouver on the mainland.  On a beautiful clear day you see mountains in the distance. It was soon time to get on my way and skiddadle up to Ladysmith.

I was almost to my friends,  when I spotted this view of this beautiful little island.  I had to stop and take this picture, to me it was simply magical. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Status update - a few steps closer! Chasing the motorcycle dream.

This is me about 7 months post motorcycle novice course, spring 2012, I was running a cone course on Scarlett at an alumni event.  
150cc Honda Titan novice training bikes.

started the motorcycle instructor odyssey at the beginning of September 2014, I observed a two weekend novice class and then followed those students through a full traffic course.  I elected to observe another novice class & traffic class to see how different instructors teach and soak up as much technique as I possibly could.  To my way of thinking you can never be too prepared or learn too much.  Everyone has a different style and it offers me the opportunity to see what techniques I might employ when I am unleashed on students.  Poor unsuspecting noobs! 

The bulk of my course is finished and I've written my school's exam & our local government exam and passed those.  I have 2 Tarmac sessions left; one is where we are going to teach a session and practice student fault detection technique, and the last session is where we practice teaching components and are critiqued by seasoned instructors.  This leads up to my last novice observation class before I teach my practicum course and get my final evaluation before official governmental licensing credentials, upon completion of that I will be a fully qualified licensed motorcycle instructor. I have to say it has been a very long haul process full of challenges, very demanding, and at times daunting, but in the end well worth the blood, sweat and tears.  Yes, there have been a few tears shed along the way, only because I want to do nothing less than my very best at teaching and give my future students the tools to be safe, competent, confident, and well trained motorcyclists who are committed to excellent road craft when out on their bikes.  
I owe a big thanks to a few people along my instructor path, my 3 instructor trainers who have been rock solid and imparted their moto knowledge.  I have also been very blessed to have two awesome instructor friends/mentors who have given freely of their time to guide me & share their gifts and talents.  One of them is my friend Deb, who underwent this process a year ago and she completely gets where I am coming from.  Then there is my other bud, Dave who is a seasoned instructor, both he and Deb kept me grounded and would give me the nudge when I was trying to reinvent the wheel & make it harder than it needed to be - thanks you guys!

The biggest thanks though really goes to my family, because they have ridden along with me on this journey when it started in January 2011 on a little 50cc scooter, through motorcycle courses, exams, licensing and finally being moto orphans since September 2014 when I was busy learning to teach. It has been quite a ride and I still can't believe I have really only been riding for 3 years and am now embarking on a new phase of my motorcycle adventure.  Stay tuned! Wish me luck, my practicum is at the end of March.  

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Goodbye 2014 - Hello 2015!

You were a fun year! 

Instructor training

Missing dear friends

Fabulous friends

My favourite place - Tofino BC

Road tripping 





Festive spirits

Hope your 2014 was great!  I wish you a wonderful, blessed, & joyous 2015!  Happy New Year! 

Friday, December 19, 2014

'Twas the night before Christmas

The stockings & moto boots where hung by the chimney with care in, hopes that Moto Claus soon would be there.

Wishing you all good tidings of the season and may your New Year bring you gifts of love, joy, health, and lots of twisties to ride on sunny days!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Parked motorcycle syndrome?!

Not quite yet, but soon.  I couldn't resist posing by this little beastie in Costco today.