Monday, April 21, 2014

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Martha's grab some colour & eat it challenge

Well it took some time for this one, but here it is. Kale & coleslaw salad with pumpkin seeds & dried organic cranberries. Yum!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Moto Edgy....throttle twitch......restlessness.....wind therapy.......RIDING SEASON IS HERE

This picture speaks to my soul, it is me with 3 friends out on one of our weekly rides around Vancouver Island.  I started out as a very timid 50cc scooter rider, but as my sense of self blossomed and confidence soared, I decided I wanted more of this two wheeled glorious freedom machine. 

From 50cc's to 500cc in the space of eight months was pretty miraculous to me because this all just happened by circumstance and commuting needs.  In fact as I look back on this it came in my mid-life, and it probably would qualify as a mid-life crisis to some degree.  But more simply it's about discovery, and giving me courage to look beyond my present self and learn that there is so much more to me than my wonderful regular life of working wife and mother.  

My first bike Lucy in front and my present bike Scarlet

The adventurer has blossomed in my soul and I want to explore places sitting on the back of my bike, I am not content to settle for boring.  At some point in the next few years I want to ride and write about my journeys and  I want my grand kids to say "Wow gran you rode a motorcycle and lived on a float home? Cool!"  

I love the twists and leanings of the bike on those long twisty roads in the summer, with warm sunshine on my shoulders and the cares just drifting off my body and giving me over to the hum of the engine and falling into to trance of the motor's rhythm. Then there is the oneness of mind, soul, body, and bike blending into this intensity of movement and feeling keenly aware of your surroundings from the sights and smells and the exhilaration as you roll on the throttle and lean into your bike. In a word it is MAGIC.  

I quite often hear the siren song of the road calling to me and sometimes I find it hard to sit still and not throw all caution to the wind and just go. I have to be realistic for the moment and take care of my responsibilities.  I am having a internal struggle at this time and hitting a major milestone in a few months and for the first time in my life I am feeling that I have lost my centre. I am sure I am not the only person to find age milestones hard, but then it's only a number. 

I am ruminating a lot about who I am, where I am going, and how to include motorcycling in the larger picture. I find great joy in mentoring new riders and I find it thrilling when you see the moto spark catch and the realization that they can ride. 

I love riding and the feeling that the wind is my dance partner as we glide over the asphalt ribbon that stretches in front of us.  

I think it's time to visit my local insurance agent and get everything road ready and blow some of these feelings out of my soul. Yup riding season is here.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

A new tenant in a tidy little condo

I know this is a poor quality picture, but I had to share because I was so excited when I was told about the nest.  My neighbour is a hummingbird lover and has a website called Hummingbirds up He has been documenting our local hummingbirds. Anna's hummingbirds are indigenous to Vancouver Island and don't migrate over winter.   

These little creatures are amazing, very curious, very tenacious and beautiful.  Every time I go out in the yard you can here them trilling and the hum sound of their wings as they swoop around my yard.  The nest is about as big as a Canadian tooney or a US silver dollar, teeny tiny little nests.  The hummers  use spiderweb silk to create the nest and the little bits of twigs to camouflage it.  The eggs are as small as my pinky nail or beanie baby jelly bean.  I think she has two eggs in the nest.  I am hoping to catch a glimpse of her in the nest on a sunny day to capture a better picture to post.  If you are having trouble she is right in the centre and is looking up. 

Close up of the nest, they are really hard to see because they are well camouflaged.

Just to give you perspective on size of the nest it's the size of the toonie on the left on the right is a quarter.

The nest webcam is installed and should be up and running hummingbirds up

Sunday, March 23, 2014

First weekend of spring 2014

Swallows Landing looking out in Esquimalt, BC, in the distance you can see the Olympic Mountains in Washington State.

Well the first weekend of spring 2014 was a bit of a mixed bag of sun, cloud, cold, warmth, and a wee bit of rain.  Friday dawned sunny and warmish, it was so nice we had coffee outside.  We lingered over coffee because it felt so nice to feel the warmth of sun on my face.  We set our plans for the day and decided to take the dog for a good long walk at Langford Lake.  Afterwards I sat in a lawnchair soaking up more sun while my hubs helped the neighbour tinker with his new to him vintage 350.  It is quite pleasant snoozing in the sun and then hearing a motorcycle roar to life.  It prompted me to pay a long overdue visit to my garage and start Scarlet.  I haven't ventured out there since I parked her last October, Motorcycle Man has been doing that all winter.  Listening to the engine sing to life has definitely stirred my motorcycle adventure feelings.  

Wooden bridge walking path over the boggy beginnings of the trail walk at Langford Lake.  It was a perfect walk.

Langford Lake Trail

Today (Sunday) was another stunning spring day, much warmer than Saturday which was overcast and rainy, which made it a stay at home hide kind of day.  So again Poocha and I went for a walk.  We stopped at a new friend's lovely boutique shop and kayak rental touring company.  Poocha has a lnew friend named Sawyer and the puppies were playing and enjoying a walk together.  

After the puppies played, my friend and I took the dogs for a walk down the West Song walkway.  It was a stunning day, spring has taken hold and trees are bursting into bloom everywhere.  It is truly heartwarming to know Old Man Winter is well and truly on the run, at least here in Victoria.

My favorite magnolia tree is in full bloom now.  I could stand and stare at this tree all day, it is truly that beautiful.

We stopped at the look-out and it was breathtaking!  This overlooks West Bay, this was where my float home was moored when we lived aboard.  In the distance you can see the Olympic Mountain range, it was so clear you could see for miles.  

Sorry about the blurry image, but I was tussling with my Poocha and trying yo snap a puck.  I believe this is a Trout Lilly ( THANK YOU MARTHA!) it was nestled in amongst vines on a hillside.  Not bad for pics taken on an iPhone.  Hope you all are getting a little spring where you are and if not, I hope it comes your way soon.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Richard's new waterlogue app - cool

Richard of Richard's Page blog found a cool app - Waterlogue. I decided to give it a whirl, here's my results.

I love this pic, it's my all time favorite motorcycle pic.

It does a good job at hiding middle age wrinkles ;)

I may enlarge some of these and print them off & frame them.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Last post officially of winter 2013/14


Stunningly beautiful day on Monday, however the winds must gave been between 70 to 90km/hour.  It was a fun dog walk, I was a little worried Poocha may become airborne and we would have had a dog kite.  

Daffodils grow like weeds on the island and are pretty much everywhere the eye looks.  These were tucked back in the bush sheltered from the wind.  

Our walk is one of the most popular in Victoria, Dallas Road.  Young and old alike end up wandering down here, it's spectacular .  

The wind was just screaming through here and there must have 15 to 20 kite boarders out in the surf, in fact there were so many that I couldn't fit them in.  Not bad pic though for the iPhone.  
It was amazing watching them dance upon the waves and it is awe inspiring just thinking of the athleticism required for this sport.  

We walked for over an hour and it is almost as if everyone has come out of hibernation and our city is coming alive again.  It does my soul good to see daylight past 7:00pm and definite warmth to the sun.  

The wind was gusting so hard that we kept up top on the sea wall because of the spray up.  

It was the perfect day for a very windy walk and I am starting to believe it's almost motorcycle time.

So Goodbye Old Man Winter don't let the door hit you on the behind on the way out!  

Happy spring equinox and I am ardently wishing for my friends still covered under the white stuff that you get a reprieve sometime soon!