Sunday, July 5, 2015

This and that type of day.

Today folks on Vancouver Island woke to a sepia coloured sky.  When we went out to the car this morning it was covered in a fine ash. Our Province is tinder dry and at stage 4 drought water restrictions.  Summer came early and hot this year, and its bone dry. Currently there are 180 wild fires burning across the Province, 140 were caused by lightning and the remainder by humans.  Campfires and open burning has been banned.  Hundreds of men and women are working hard to contain and suppress the fires and one person today in Sechelt has lost their life.

The light is very eerie and it has felt like dusk all day and we've had to turn lights on in the house.  When you look up the sun when it peeks out from the smoke riddled sky is dark pink. Air quality is poor and we are actually starting to smell hints of campfire in the air. We decided not to ride anywhere today due to the poor air quality. Most of the smoke is coming over from the fires on the mainland which just shows how big the fires are.
This is the colour of our sky today, not blue, but a burnt brownish orange, makes me wonder if this is what living on Mars would be like. Its going to be a long hot dry summer. 

Despite all of this we were out and about because my kiddo turned 18! It was off to breakfast and some fun. 

The servers at our fave breaky spot brought a yummy birthday dessert and serenaded her.

Then it was off to do a little birthday stuff & shopping.  

I found this guy at our coolest store in town Capital Iron, its a hybrid hardware/cookware/clothing/outdoor store/garden centre.  To my surprise and delight there was a giant dino sculpture.  I thought about 2 bloggers immediately; Kathy aka Toadmomma and Rachel aka Fuzzy Galore, these ladies find the most interesting quirky things when they are out and about. If I could have I would have rolled my bike into the store & taken a pic. I almost enquired if it was for sale, but thought better of it because I think he would have followed me home & been ensconced in my front yard! 

Just a little this and that today

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Seeing Double

In May I taught a novice motorcycle class and a student mentioned that she just bought the same bike I happen to ride.  Yesterday we hatched a plan for a mid-morning ride in the gorgeous summer sun.  Off we went on my favourite ride loop which is scenic and perfect for new riders. It is slow speed, has lots of curves and opportunities to work on skills, but more importantly it's just a lovely ride along the waterfront.

Such a happy looking pair of bikes.  We had a lovely ride and great discussion about our bikes and that we both love the frunk. 
Hopefully we will get out again soon for a rip! She has had her bike for a month and has logged an impressive 1500km on it in that time frame.  Pretty rewarding to think a mere 4 weeks ago she had never ridden a bike before! 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Farkle Garage

Always the adventuresome spirit I am, I'm working on a new project. Introducing Farkle Garage, a 30 minute television program hosted by motorcyclists. It's set in a cool garage and we rock out to the tunes of the Farkle Garage Band. We meet interesting people and there are lots of stories to be told, so pull up your chair and come settle in the Garage for 30 minutes. 

The show airs soon on Shaw TV South Island Channel 4 (will post the air date) Follow us on Twitter @FarkleGarage and on Facebook at Farkle Garage, stop by and like the page.
Farkle Garage Band

If you have a story fire me off an email! 

**For those wishing to watch in different areas, our resident Farkle Garage techy is setting up a YouTube channel and it will also be available on the Farkle Garage FaceBook page.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sunset Island style

Tonight hub and I went for a late evening ride chasing the setting sun. 
Of course there is the obligatory selfie. 
What a mismatched pair.  The courtly old cruiser parked beside the young coquettish NC. The new Miss  almost looks like she is blushing from the attention she is receiving. 
Hubs didn't feel like taking his helmet off, not me I was soaking up every bit of sunshine.  We did the scenic Dallas Road to Beach Drive and then jetted over to Mount Tolmie to catch the sunset.  It was spectacular. 
We are having a spectacular early summer, but it comes at a cost, everything is tinder dry and water reservoirs are getting low.  I think irbid going to be a long hot dry summer. 

This is looking over towards the mainland.  Beautiful!
It was breathtaking.
I never tire of riding my beautiful island. 

Monday, June 8, 2015

2012 Honda NC700 Walk around video "Junk in the Frunk"

2012 Honda NC 700 "Junk in the Frunk"

Here is a quick video of Motorella.  As you can tell I am completely besotted by this lovely Honda. 

Addendum to post.  A couple have commented about travelling and having luggage over the piliion/gas tank, I investigated this before purchasing and a rear rack is available that sits over the back fender/tail and it doesnt impact the pillion seat or gas tank.  :) So no concens there about having to load & unload the pillion seat when needing to refuel.. 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Early summer afternoon tootle

Today was stunning! I jetted out of work a little early because I was called back last night. The last couple of days the weather was pretty unsettled and overcast, so I really haven't felt the yen to ride to work as of late. Today was hot & sunny so I took the bike & went for a tootle.
I stopped by the stunningly beautiful Beacon Hill Park.  

The park has quite a large peacock population and this majesticly splendiferous fellow was lounging with a peahen in the shade. They are not shy and as I pulled up he didn't even flinch. I gingerly climbed off the bike and walked over and was less than a foot away when I took the picture.  
Beautiful. I am actually surprised that this fellow sat there passively and let me get so close and snap pictures. 
This is the upper portion if his back.  My iPhone doesn't do it justice at all.  
The wee peahen was a little more skittish. 
Trying to be arty.

Luckily Victoria has a lovely park system and lots if amazing gardens.  Apparently when I was wee I went for a dip in this very slimy duck pond. 

Of course one has to park as near to the giant watering can as the can possibly get. Hmmm I wonder if I keep watering it what it will grow into? This is part of the kids water park.
Victoria also has a lot of public art and I love this colourful piece.